Planning a multi generational trip

Tomorrow is the fourth of July. Are you going to be celebrating with friends or family, maybe enjoying a cookout? Is a family vacation in your future? Today we are going to look once again at an extremely popular type of family vacation, a multi generational trip.

  • I would love the first thing that you do to be to talk to me about your trip. I would love to help you figure out all the details of a trip like this. Say you are from a family of four, everyone is now married and has three kids. If you bring your parents, you are going to have a group of twenty-two people, and that is a lot to figure out. And I know I say this a lot, but I book the different elements of the trip. I do not charge you anything to work with me.
  • One of the first things you will need to figure out is is is how much you want to spend on this trip. Sometimes grandparents decide that having everyone together is worth them footing the bill for everyone. But most the time, each family unit pays their own way. You need to discuss how much each family can spend.
  • What kind of trip is your family wanting to take. Would you like to just rent a condo somewhere, either at beach or in the mountains somewhere. Do you want to do the cooking and cleaning for your time together? Or would you rather go somewhere where all those mundane tasks are taken care of? There are resorts and cruises out there which will allow your entire family to do absolutely nothing on your trip. And you can find these type vacations at very reasonable prices.

Please let me know if you are interested in anything like this. I would love to help.

Update on Sandals


We are leaving sometime Wednesday, and I’m just having trouble getting to work today. This is one of those time where I know I will have internet access, but I will not be working. I am going to just enjoy being with my family. I know some people have to work during the holidays, . My brother’s wife is one of those. She’s a nurse, and always works Thanksgiving so she can be off around Christmas and New Year’s. But hopefully whether you have to work over Thanksgiving or not, you will get some time with your family.. I’m blessed to have my own business and choose my own hours. So anyway…

Sandals Resorts is about to build several new properties which are going to have some new features to them. And one of the features is going to be over the water suites. They are also planning to put Jacuzzis inside each of these suites, as well as infinity pools outside. I’ve always been a fan of pools. Both because I think they’re pretty and because I love to swim.

Sandals will also be building some suite that have as many as four bedrooms, which is perfect for multi generational travel. And that is becoming a more popular way to travel as people live longer lives. Traveling gives families of any size a way to reconnect without the distract distractions of our daily lives. this is something you may want to look into more if the grandparents are getting older and are not up to hosting everyone.

Let me know if your family is interested in any of this. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.