Nassau for families

We are going to get back to our discussion on Silverseas Monday. Today I just want to get things finished. So let’s take a look into some reasons why Nassau makes an excellent destination for for families. Because this is a pretty popular destination, you are going to find plenty of resorts. And among those resorts, you are going to find some fantastic kids’ programs. Your kids will love are these programs and be perfectly safe in these programs. But please don’t let that stop you from spending time together as a family. Let me give you some examples of some thing your family can do in Nassau.

  • First of all, there is the beach. Take time to build an elaborate sand castle. Have are races in and out of the water. Lie on the beach and tell each other stories. And don’t forget to bring a huge picnic. Everyone is bound to get hungry being outside and near water.
  • Families will also want to explore the city of Nassau itself. For one thing, the city has a nice pirates museum which has its own pirates’ ship that you will want to be sure to check out. There is also a chocolate shop where everyone is encouraged to make their own treats.
  • Does someone in your family love animals? They have a great zoo. And you are going to also be able to ride horses along the beach. The whole family might also enjoy an excursion to see the swimming pigs.

I would love to know your thoughts on any of this, or any questions you might have.


More reasons to visit Nassau

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We’re going to continue with what we started yesterday inĀ Reasons to visit Nassau

  • A lot of people would rather be given the gift of experience instead of a gift they may or may not use. Giving your family a trip to Nassau might be one of the best gifts you could give them. It’s likely more than some would spend, but it might be worth it considering the time you’ll spend together.
  • Nassau has some very nice resorts. You will have to do no cooking or cleaning on this trip. Want some help with your kids? I’m sure we can find a resort that has a kids’ club.
  • Have you been to Nassau in previous years? Tired of it? They’re always building new restaurants and clubs for your enjoyment. Even if you’ve been there several times there will still be new places for you.
  • But why now? There are actually some some excellent travel deals that are going on right now. I would love to help you book a trip if you are interested. Please let me know.

Reasons to visit Nassau

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It’s rather nasty outside, but I’m not complaining. It’s actually turning into a great day to get work done. I’ve actually started on a big project I have wanted to do for sometime, but I haven’t felt like I had the time lately. However, it’s started, and I’m having a great time working through this. I do want to make sure that this gets done, so let’s get started.

If this winter weather has you down, it might be time to look into a beach trip. Here are some reasons you might want to consider Nassau .

  • Junkanoo days, which happen in late December, are some of the most exciting times that happen on this island. I say that, though it’s really the nights that are so full of festivities. They will have parades each night.
  • Do you like to run? Do you want to be known for liking to run? There is a marathon that takes place January thirteenth and fourteenth. Those brave enough can run the whole thing. There is also a half marathon and a 5K.
  • Is part of your winter angst that you can’t enjoy your favorite sport? Nassau has two great golf courses. Any resort you go to should have tennis courts as well. They will also have racquetball most anywhere you would want to stay.
  • Do you know sunlight is extremely good for your health? It boosts your immune system, and makes us happier and brighter. Why not treat yourself to some fun in the sun time?
  • I mainly listen to either Christian or country music, and so I don’t know much about these stars. But Kool and the Gang will be performing live at the Atlantis resort on New Year’s Eve. Don’t like them? How about Sting? They will also be performing live on New Year’s Eve.

I love to know your thoughts about any of this.