Hotels for children

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Hotels usually cater to adults. I mean, hotels have spas,  free drinks, chocolates. But really it’s the adults that are paying for the hotels, so it kind of makes sense for hotels to give the adults the things they like. But some hotels have special things for the children too. Below are some examples of these.

  • There is a hotel at the Chicago O’hare International Airport, which is called Hilton Chicago O’Hare. They are going to give special activity kits, which would be especially nice if you are flying out. Each kit comes in a drawstring bag and comes with age appropriate toys and coloring books.
  • There is a Japanese hotel in the Big Apple. They are going to give your children a rubber ducky when you stay with them. Older children are going to get pencils with themes from the city on them.
  • Westin La Palamo Resort and spa has several different pools. So it should come as no surprise that the resort hands ou floaties and goggle to the children who visit them. The resort also has fun food for the children.

I would love to give you more information or help you make reservations to any of these places. Please just let me know.

Holidays in theBig Apple

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I think I’m just ready for some holiday time. I love this job, I really do. But I’m ready to take some time away and maybe get some fresh ideas for this business. I’m feeling like I’m on auto pilot, doing what needs to be done., but not sure where to go from here.

There is something special to me about New York City. I’ve never been. I would like to one day, but we’ve see what happens. Did you know that 5.2 million people are expected to visit this city between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day? And we all know why most people are going. There are some wonderful parades, great shopping, and then there is Times Square on New Year’s.

Yes, at Thanksgiving, most people go to New York City to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. But you may also want to go ice skating, and there are several places to do that, not just the Rockefellar Center where everyone goes in the movies.

Manhattan has several holiday markets where you can shop for gifts. One of them happens to be opening today. We may get back to this tomorrow. I would love to know your thoughts on this.

More quick getaway ideas

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It’s Monday, and as usual I’m starting much later than I would have liked. I had a really nice weekend, and having many things I want to do, both with work and personally. I’m not sure what all I am going to do, but obviously this needs to be done. I must confess that I am feeling seriously distracted by all kinds of things. But let’s get started anyway.

The first place we are going to look at today is in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We used to live near there, and it is truly a gorgeous place to visit this time of year. It is a great time to go on a hike to look at the trees in all their fall splendor. But when you are tired of that, there is a great resort called Buckberry Creek Lodge. They have a spa where people will be happy to massage away any sore spots from your hikes. They also have a nice restaurant, and everyone knows how people can work up an appetite when they are outside a lot.

The article I’m reading says that Lake Placid, New York is a great place to visit in the fall. They have several great resorts here.. But we are going to go with High Peaks Resort. This place is close enough to the downtown area to get back and forth. And we all know that there is plenty to do downtown.. This resort has a spa, pool, and fitness center.. Let me know if you are interested in either of these.

Vacation ideas

We are visiting friends, but people are in and out. And work seems pretty much never ending, and I do have internet.. So let’s get started.

Do you know that Atlantic City has some things that families would enjoy doing together? For example, there is a short cruise out of the city that will allow you and your family to see dolphins up close and personal.. If you want to try and do something quickly , some hotels might cut their rates to get more rooms filled.

There is also always lots to do in Orlando, Florida.. It is the amusement park mecca. There is Disney World, and Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, and Sea World. You don’t have to look around long to find something to do there.

Another place you can always find something to do is New York City. You can go see statue of Liberty, visit the 9/11 memorial.. And At night you can take in Broadway plays.

Kind of did a blitz through several destinations.. Let me know if you are interested in any of these.

Celebrate potato day by visiting…

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I have to admit that my food tastes are quite childlike. Pizza and hamburgers are still my favorite meals. I love most fast food.. And I absolutely love dessert of most any kinds. I don’t like frozen stuff like ice cream, and I almost never eat hard candy.. I love most things that we Americans do with potatoes… Potato day was actually a couple of days ago. But we are going to look at this today.

French fries.. That is one of America’s favorite foods, so they had to be invented here, right? Wrong! It seems like they were actually invented in Belgium, though I highly doubt they were exactly the same as ours. Belgium was doing their version of french fries before our revolution taken. There are some great french fries to be had in New York City at The Breslin Bar and Dining Room.

Do you prefer tater tots to french fries? Do you know that tots are actually the remnants from making french fries? For the best tater tots, we are going to go to a place in Atlanta, Georgia, which is about a couple of hours from where I live. The restaurant is called The Nook, and they have something called totchoes, which are nachos that are served over tots instead of chips.

Am I making you hungry yet? I know this post is a little different than my usual.. Hope you enjoyed it.

Best cruises for days at sea

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We are on the road again. This trip kind of came up last minute.. But I do have internet, so I am going to get some things done.

Sometimes people go on cruises to go and see things. But sometimes people just want to go on cruises just to relax. And days at sea are relaxing. You can sunbathe by the pools there, play games in their gameroom, or take in shows. And of course there are always lots of choices of places to eat on any ships.

The first cruise we are going to look at is Royal Caribbean’s “Nowhere Cruise”. This is a three night cruise so it is not a huge investment of time or money. You will be sailing out of New York City.. Besides all the usual activities, you can go skydiving or attend trapeze school.

If you’ve ever wanted to go “across the pond”, as they say, Celebrity may have just the thing for you. Starting in April 2016, they will have a cruise that will take you eight days just to cross over. You will then be stopping in Spain, Portugal, and France.

I think we are going to look at more of these tomorrow, hopefully I can get internet somewhere. But do let me know if either of these sounds interesting to you.

City passes?

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Life feels crazy right now. There is a lot going in my family right now. And I’m excited because I think there are going to be several occasions where I am going to see several of my siblings who live out of town.. But I’m feeling like I’m getting into a good rhythm with work and am accomplishing some good things each day.

Today let’s talk about city passes. The idea is to get a pass so that you can see different attractions in that city and save money. The original city pass started in San Francisco. But we are going to look more at New York’s city pass. The pass will get you into the Empire State Building, the 9/11 memorial, a couple different museums, Statue of Liberty\Ellis Island, and a couple of other things.. If you plan on seeing every place on the ticket you are going to save fifty five dollars per person which is great.

New York’s pass lasts nine days. My guess is if you were going to go on a vacation you might be able to do everything in a week’s time.. You may be able to work in one evening at the theater.. City passes really depend on what you want to do and how much time you actually have… I would be more than happy to answer specific questions you have..

Where you should go in 2015


This may be a little early to post, since I know most everyone is getting ready for the holidays, and just trying to get through everything that goes with holiday time, gifts, family time, parties, etc. But today, let’s talk about some places you may want to go in 2015. The first place they mention is New York City, which as  you know if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, is one place I’d like to go some day. The city has some new hotels and microbreweries that you might want to visit.

We may not be surprised by New York being the top choice, but South Dakota is the second. Huh? The reason for this is that this state has a lot of natural beauty, as well as small town charm which would appeal to a lot of folks. It is also the home of Mount Rushmore which does attract a lot of visitors each year. This is definitely the place you can get back to how America used to be?.

Colorado is another place that is mentioned. Again you are going to find that this state is absolutely gorgeous. Colorado is, of course, a wonderful place to ski… And it is also where Focus on the Family has its headquarters.

From my perspective, it is never too early to start planning your ,vacations for 2015. The earlier you book the less expensive your trip usually is… Please let me know your thoughts.



I let’s get started… I’ll be honest, I do want to see Lady Liberty and the 9/11 museum. And I do want to see Times Square, but the thing that interests me more than anything in New York is Broadway! My perfect New York vacation would be to have a leisurely breakfast each morning, go and do some exploring during the day, and then come back to the hotel and get ready for dinner and a show. I think I am going to try my best to make that happen within the next year or so. My hope is to do this trip with my sisters and maybe some girl cousins since our hope is to go through DC, which is where my aunt lives. Taking this trip with a group of girls would probably be a good idea, since ladies are more likely to want to do the same kind of things, and it’s safer, and more fun, to be part of a group.

I’m not finding exactly what I’m looking for, so let’s look at some of Broadway’s history today. Broadway is made up of about forty theaters. The first real theater came to New York in 1750, and continued to develop throughout the 1800’s as more theater companies were established. A lot of Shakespeare plays were performed at various theaters during this era. Musicals didn’t even begin appearing on Broadway until after the Civil War

I hope to be more together tomorrow. Let me know if you would like to do a trip to New York taking in some Broadway plays. I would be more than happy to help you.

New York #3


Happy Monday everyone. I’m glad to be getting to work pretty early, hopefully that means I will be able to get lots done today.

Let’s get back to our discussion of New York. The Bronx area of New York is where you’ll find the city’s “Little Italy”. I’m sure the place has some amazing food. Italian food is some of my favorite cuisine. The Bronx has its own zoo. And this is the home of Yankees stadium, where the great Babe Ruth made history so many times.

Brooklyn has undergone an upgrade in recent years, and is now one of the nicer areas of the city. This is a place you should go if you want to take in some culture. It is the home of many chic art galleries. The area also has a lot of music venues for you to enjoy, there is a music academy in this part of the city. You will also be able to explore some nice boutiques. You will find a small zoo here as well. How many zoos does one city need?

Queens is the district of the older houses. You will also find a great many museums you will wish to explore. This is where the Mets have their stadium. This is also where the US Open is held each year.

I am going to stop here for now. It sounds like you could spend a good bit of time in this city. Let me know if this is whetting your appetite to play tourist. I would be more than happy to help you.