Places to consider #1


If you do not already have a vacation planned, you might want to considerplanning one for either late August or early September. Today we are going to start looking at some destinations you might want to consider.

  • And let’s start with Anguilla which is located in the Caribbean. This sounds like a nicer area with a lot of luxurious resorts.. You are going to find many five star places here.
  • Key West is always going to be nice, but you will be able to get a very nice breeze most of the time. Their Duval Street always has a party going on. And surprisingly, some of the hotels are going to have their best rates in the summertime. H
  • ave you wanted to visit Vietnam, but haven’t been sure when? Late summer through October is going to be when the crowds die down. This is also when prices drop. You will also enjoy great temperatures light rainfall.
  • Mexico is always pretty inexpensive, but this is especially true during the summer months. Places like Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum are all going to have great rates whether you want a normal hotel or an all inclusive resort.
  • Are you craving winter in summer? Try going to New Zealand. You are going to get great rates anywhere you go. And you will also avoid the crowds.


Take an adventure together


I’m listening to Christmas music and am absolutely loving it. I must confess, I am something of a Christmas nut, I love everything about the holiday season… Well, maybe not Santa so much. But anyway… We’re here to discuss things related to travel.
So let’s say you have a couple of teenagers, and they’re complaining about “just going to the grandparents for the holidays”. Maybe it’s time for your family to make some traditions over Christmas… Ever watch those shows where people eat all these weird things? Maybe you and your family can take a food adventure together. Call around wherever you are going to go for the holidays and find a restaurant you haven’t tried, maybe even a cuisine you haven’t tried. Some restaurant will let you have cooking lessons in their restaurants. If your family has decided to go to Europe or anywhere out of the country for Christmas, you might want to consider taking a food class, or going on a food tour. Depending on your family, you might want to make a rule about each family member trying a bite of the different foods.
If your family is into zip lining, rock climbing, scuba diving, and things like that, you might want to try going to New Zealand for Christmas. This country is the perfect place to do all these things, and if your family wants to do something calmer one day, the Lord of the Rings movie series was also filmed here.. If you don’t want to go that far, Costa Rica is another great place to do adventurous stuff.
I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.

New Zealand

Happy Monday everyone! I have several ideas of things I want to do for work, and honestly I’m not sure where to start. But this needs to be done, so I am at least going to get a start on this… Right now, my niche seems to be selling travel to my siblings. I am really hoping to expand that, but I found out yesterday that one of my brothers and his roommate want to go to New Zealand in August. So today I am going to take a look at some of the best places to go in that area.

The first thing that is coming up when I search for New Zealand is that this is place where the “Lord of the Rings”, movies are filmed. And I know my brother and his friend are big fans of those movies, so they may want to explore some of these places. This is a beautiful country, there’s no question about that.

Okay, let’s get into some more specifics. New Zealand appears to be made up of two islands, and they just call them North Island and South Island. I have just started talking to my brother about this trip, and I’m not sure what they want to do… That’s one thing that’s important to travel agents. The more we know about what you want to do on your trip, the more we can help you plan your perfect trip. I know some about my brother and his friend, but if I’m just meeting you I am going to need a lot of questions to get a feel of what you want. Excuse the tangent, but this an important aspect of what I do. And this may be more important for people I work with to understand since most of our communication will be through e-mail.

New Zealand has a lot of adventures, things like sky diving and bungee jumping. You will be able to explore caves and raft down rivers as well. I may be totally wrong, but I think these are the things that the boys are going to want to do.

At this point, I have a lot more questions than answers about this trip. But hopefully my brother and I are going to be able to figure this out… I would also love to hear from you if you would like to take a trip to New Zealand.