Family fun at Oasis

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I have several ideas of things I want to do for the business. I think I am going to look up some influencers who are passionate about the family… Why? Because I love the family, and want to use this family to help families grow together. But before I start into that, I want to make sure all my other work gets done. So let’s get started.

Spring breaks is going to be here before we know. And it is definitely not too early to start planned your summer vacations. On that note, today let’s talk about oasis, and some of what it has to offer families.

Your first question is likely going to be, where are these resorts located? Oasis has . Tulum, Mexico and Cancun. And now, let’s look at some of what these properties have to offer.

  • Like most resorts, these places are going to have a kids club where your children can be entertained during the day. But unlike a lot of kids’ clubs I see, there does not seem to be any kind of educational program. Remembering back to when I was a kid, I don’t think I would have liked to do educational stuff on my vacation. These clubs have waterslides and a place where kids can enjoy the beach here. Another thing that I haven’t seen anywhere else is that the kids are going to have their own restaurant which seems like it is going to be in this kids’ club. They will serve foods like pizza and hamburgers.
  • What will you be doing while your kids are enjoying their fun? Well, start your morning right by doing yoga. Indulge yourself with a couples’ massage. Enjoy a candlelit dinner.
  • But, you may be saying, can families spend time together as a family? Isn’t that what your business is all about? Yes, that is what my business is about. And yes, families will be free to enjoy as many meals together as you want? There are beautiful beaches you can enjoy together.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this. And of course, what I would love even more is to help you to book a vacation please let me know if you are interested.