Where to go for Christmas #1

The birthday season is upon us. Do you know what you are doing, where you are going for the holidays? Today let’s start looking at some places you might want to go this time of year.

  • Have you ever been to France for Christmas? You might want to try Monaco, France to celebrate the holidays. They have a hotel there called Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo. It looks like this is the place for you if you love chocolate, because they will have a lot to indulge your tastes. They also have some fun activities for kids.
  • Is having a white Christmas one of your top priorities? Consider going to the Bavarian Alps in Germany. Schloss Elmau is one of the country’s top resorts, and they have some special things planned for Christmas. On the big day, enjoy live piano music. Later that evening, try some of their cocktails.
  • If you are tired of our traditions, go to Peru and experience some of. You will want to go to the Country Club Lima, Peru. You will get to enjoy their tea which features some great pastries. Not a tea person? Try some of their delicious hot chocolate.
  • Are you looking for a place a little closer to home? A lot of people absolutely love going to New York City the during the holiday season. Kimpton Muse Hotel is one of the hotels that is offering a special for the season. With the “Picture Perfect Holiday Offer”, you are going to get a shopping experience at Bloomingdale’s where you will have a shopping appointment and receive a gift. You will have a photographer to capture your special moments.
  • Are you looking to celebrate with all the fun Christmas traditions? To do this, you will want to go to Dallas. Here you will find a nice replica of the North Pole. Go to school with the elves.. Make slime with the Grinch. You can even get close to the animals in the live nativity.

Places to play


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”– that should be my manra. And before you think this is what I say and not what I do, I am going to be taking some time off in July. I’m not sure exactly how much, I’m sure it will be at least a week while I’m hanging out with my family. I’ll need to see how everything else goes… But anyway, summer is made for slowing down, relaxing with family and friends, and of course, it’s also a time for vacations. If you are looking for your next vacation spot, I have some suggestion for you.

  • Punta Cana is a place most people go just to relax and have fun. This is definitely a fun in the sun destination, and is a great place to go whether you want to take your whole family or are looking for a romantic getaway. They have many resorts you can choose from.
  • Do you want to explore Incan history? Consider going to Cusco, Peru. History buffs are going to love this place. The city will have history museums you can enjoy. It also has some fascinating architecture.
  • Are you just looking for an absolutely beautiful beach to visit? You might want to try Djerba, Tunisia which is located in the Mediterranean. I haven’t been to Tunisia, but I do know that the Mediterranean is gorgeous. And I suspect you will also find some fantastic food in this area.
  • The Riveria Maya is a beautiful place for vacation whether you’re looking for a group vacation, a family trip, or a vacation for just you and the one you love. They have a lot to offer families looking for adventure. You are going to be able to find a resort that will suit your needs perfectly. And you will also going to find some great night life here.

The Hotel Libertador Lima

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Today has been crazy, but I’m here and am going to get some work done now.

This is a hotel in Lima, Peru. This place only has about forty rooms, so this is a pretty exclusive place. The suites will have kitchens and dining rooms, and will have about a thousand square feet in each suite.

Here you are going to be about forty minutes from the airport, but only about a mile from the beach, so you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of the beach as often as you would like. The hotel does have restaurants, as well as room service.

There is free internet acces, whether you are in Lima for business or pleasure. There is a fitness center.. There are conference rooms to make your meetings easier and better for everyone. And you will have all kinds of food choices for your meeting as well. I would love to know your thoughts on this.


We are going to be talking about Peru today. I’m mostly just picking out trainings that look interesting and doing them. And today I was just looking for something easy to do so I would be sure to get this done.. So let’s get started.


Peru has lots of history and culture, and is also starting to get into the luxury market. This country has a lot of archealogical appeal. This has been what it has been known for for decades. It is the home of the Inca Empire. But one of the oldest cities in the Americas have been found in Peru, and this city dates back to the time of the Pyramids in Egypt. This country also has the largest Adobe city in the world. Going to Peru would also enable you to visit the salt mines… You are also going to find a lot of birds and plant life that might interest you.


Years ago, Peru may have been best for the adventure types, the people who love to backpack and camp. But in the last five years especially, they have built a lot of really nice hotels there, which enables you to see these beautiful places and still have a luxurious vacation. They also have a lot of great new restaurants with equisite dining for you to choose from. There are also a lot of festivals in the region.


I am going to go do some other things.. Let me know any thoughts you have on Peru, or any questions you may have.