Winter destinations #3

We are going to get back to our discussion on winter destinations.

  • I am going through an article written by someone else, so I know this first one for today may sound a little strange, trust me, it sounds weird to me as well. But the destination is Anchorage, Alaska. Alaska is cold and dark a lot of the year. And while this is especially true in winter, this is a great time to see Northern Lights. You may also want to see the famous dog sledding race.
  • You may want to visit San Juan, Puerto Rico, which doesn’t sound nearly as weird to me. There are a lot of festivals in the San Juan area during the winter months. You will not find a deserted island, but you will find reasonable accommodations and some fantastic weather.
  • Houston, Texas is huge, but then again isn’t everything in Texas? This is an up and coming vacation spot. They have some historic sites. You will also find some interesting museums in this city.
  • Looking for a city that has a lot to do? Try San Diego. They have great beaches. They have a fantastic zoo. There is a lot of great night life. You might also want to get a glimpse of Mexico from here.
  • Want to experience some Southern charm? Go to Savannah, Georgia. You will avoid some of the crowds if you go in the winter. But there will be some nice festivals for you to take part in.

Even more cruise news

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It’s Monday and I’m ready to dive into some serious work. I have several things I want to do today. But as always I want to make sure that work this and a couple of other things gets done before getting into extra things.. Let’s look at some more cruise news.

  • First, Carnival is about to introduce something called “Carnival Playtime”. These are going to be different activities featuring My Little Pony and Transformers. Carnival will have different characters between these shows[?] make appearances.
  • We do not know what the future holds for our relationship with Cuba. Airlines seem to be pulling back, but cruiselines seem to be pressing this relationship forward with more and more cruises to this country. And there is  a mixture of of inexpensive cruises ad luxury cruises.
  • Royal Caribbean is going to help Puerto Rico upgrade its port. Their boarding bridge really needs work. And their plan is to also make improvements to their bathrooms and adding check points.
  • Most businesses are always looking for ways to grow their clients and their bottom limes. Cruiselines are no exception to that. One thing they have tried is to get into the air business. Crystal is the latest cruiseline to try this..

I would love to know your questions about cruises.