More on religious tours

We are going to look at more religious tours today. Have you loved the stories of Acts, where Paul takes all of his missionary journeys? Have you ever dreamed of seeing where these exciting stories took place? Well, if that’s you, you should know that Homeric offers these tours as well. On this tour, you are going to be starting in Cyprus. You will be seeing different cathedrals as well as different places Paul went and preached. It sounds like you will be learning a lot of early church history. This tour itself is eight days.

There is another tour that will also focus on Paul’s life and work, but this is a a ten day tour which includes a four day cruise. On this trip, you will be starting in Athens. You will be touring this fine city, and you will also be seeing places like Corinth where Paul did so much of his ministry.

Let’s get into some more particulars about your trip itself. You are going to have an English speaking tour guide throughout your trip. You are going to be getting breakfast and dinner most days of your trip.Your hotel costs will be included in the costs for most nights. A lot of the places you will be touring as a group will be covered as well. Please let me know if you would be interested in taking one of these tours. I would love to help ¬†you plan one.

Traveling for faith


Personally I love the idea of taking trips to reconnect with family or dear friends. That is the majority of the trips my family and I take.. But yesterday we were talking some about history. Have you ever wanted to take a trip to see where Jesus or walked? Have you ever wanted to see where Paul took his journeys? More and more people are getting interested in taking these types of trips. Today we are going to look at some of what Homeric tours does.

One tour you can do with Homeric is a tour of the women of the bible. Your guide will be a woman, and you will be going to different places like Nazareth. You will also be touring baths and things like that.

With Homeric, you are also going to be able to follow in the footsteps. You are going to fly into Tel Aviv, and your first day looks like it is going to be a nice day of rest. Your first stop on the actual tour will be to see Caesarea. You will also be visiting Mt. Carmel and Nazareth. You will also be visiting places like Jerusalem, Samaria, Bethelhem, and Galilee.

I would love to know your thoughts about this.