Friend reunion #2

Let’s get back to our discussion on how to plan a great friends’ reunion. Everyone is so busy these days. It’s hard to connect even with the people we care about the most. It’s important to plan weekends where you can gather with the friends who are important to you.

  • Food is part of our daily lives. Is your group going to want to eat out for every single meal? Are you going to rent a condo where everyone can cook? I would highly recommend eating together, because if you don’t that is going to be a huge chunk of time that you will not be together. Doing cooking competitions is always fun. You will want to discuss food allergies before your trip so that everyone will be able to plan well.
  • Everyone is going to want to talk and hang out together. But you’ll want to try to have at least one group outing planned each day. It can be a very simple thing. You may want to go window shopping one day downtown. Or if you are meeting at the beach, try to have a beach sports day. If guys and girls are coming, you might want to consider splitting up a time or two.
  • Having games as an option when everyone together is a must. Was there a game your group used to play when everyone hung out all the time. Your whole group doesn’t have to play the same game. You can split into smaller groups to play.
  • And be sure to also discuss who is going to do the clean up after your weekend. You don’t want to be the one left to do everything. This too could be done in teams.
  • Once you do go on your trip, be sure to have fun. Enjoy being with people you love. Make memories together. You might want to discuss making this an annual event.

Have you done something like this before? I would love to hear about it. I would also love to help you to plan something like this.

Friend reunion #1

Let’s face it. People in America tend to be busy. Most everyone has a career they’re trying to build. They have a family that they’re trying to keep up with, both immediate and extended. But sometimes it’s good to plan a getaway with old friends people you love but don’t get to see that often anymore. Maybe it’s the group you hung out with in college, or the group you and your husband were part of when you were getting to know each other. Whatever group on you’re thinking about, it’s time to get together. Today let’s look at some tips to help you plan a trip like this.

  • First, who all do you want to come? Is it just going to be a couple of close friends? Do you want to include their spouses? Should you include children too.?
  • You will want to get a feel for who all may be interested in doing something like this. One of the best ways to do this is to send out an evite and see who all responds.
  • The next thing that you will want to do is to create a Facebook group where everyone can discuss where they want to go and what they want to do.
  • And if you would allow me, I would love you book your trip. I can help you figure out where the best place might be. I can help you coordinate flight schedules.

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