More multi generational destinations

Multi generational travel is getting more and more popular. Today let’s look at some more destinations that are becoming more and more popular with these large family groups that are traveling together.

  • First, you might want to go down under. I have a sister and brother-in-law that went to Australia, and they absolutely loved it. You are going to find all kinds of beautiful places to hike. You are also going to find fantastic beaches, and places to do all kinds of adventure sports.
  • Canada ranks pretty high on this list. And one thing they do mention is the beautiful beaches. One of my favorite movies is set in Prince Edward Island, and it is truly gorgeous. But I doubt there are many months where you would actually want to do much swimming. I imagine that this is a great place to hike too.
  • Portugal is a place many Americans love getting to. It is easily accessible by American citizens. It is also a place where the dollar stretches far. And it’s also a beautiful country.
  • If your family loves exploring history and culture, you might want to consider Spain. You are also going to have a lot of beautiful days here which will make going to the beach perfect.
  • The place that is getting number one is New Zealand. Part of that is because it’s so safe. And again, you will find a lot of fantastic beaches and natural wonders.

Interesting destinations for young adults #2

A lot of young people today don’t seem to like just going to the beach and laying around for seven days, especially if that’s what you do year after year. Most like exploring new places. Let’s look at some more destinations you might want to consider.

  • Have you ever been to Rome? Maybe your family loves learning more about history. You can visit some of the coliseums, and maybe even the catacombs. If you are going to this city, you will also want to see the Vatican. You will also love their food.
  • Is anyone among your party taken with the stars, as in Hollywood stars? Consider going to Los Angeles. Here is where you can see iconic places like Sunset Boulevard. For those that love the latest fashions, there is a lot of shopping you can do. And who knows, you might get to meet some of the stars themselves.
  • Is your family maybe from Ireland? Ancestry travel is big these days. From everything I hear, Ireland is one of the greenest places you’ll ever see. You will also find a lot of great pubs.
  • Did you know that there are more bars per capita in Madrid than in any other European city. There will be historic sites to explore. You will also find a lot of art.
  • Go to San Francisco if you and your family would like to ride the cable cars, and see their Chinatown. They also have some interesting art you may want to see. And don’t forget to indulge in their seafood.

Romance in Spain

Getting everything back to normal when you’ve not done much at all for two weeks takes a while. I need to remember that and accept it. I’m also kind of still fighting jetlag in the evenings… Also, just to let you know, I do plan to give a detailed account of my trip sometime in the the near near future. Be on the lookout for that.

Valentine’s Day was exactly a week ago. But if you didn’t get much time with your spouse, there’s never a bad time to plan a romantic holiday. And today we are going to take a look at some things you might consider if you went to Madrid.

Madrid has a lot of beautiful parks around the city which make the perfect place for long walks with intimate conversation or picnics. You will also find a lot of places to take beautiful pictures so that you will remember your special trip.

But where would you stay? What about the beautiful, newly renovated Barcelo Emperatriz. From this hotel, you’ll be able to look out your window and see one of their beautiful parks.. Pampering happens in every part of this hotel. They ensure that each of the beds is luxurious, complete with 300 count cotton sheets. A rainfall shower is another part of the pampering. You may be able to get a whirlpool perfect for two. Other amenity in your room include huge tvs, free wi-fi, and room service is available whenever you get hungry.

I would love to know your thoughts about this, or any questions you might have. Please let me know.

Zika-free places

Honestly, when I read something on Zika, the only people they say should be worried about this is women that are pregnant, or couples that are trying to become pregnant. So this does not feel like a wide spread risk at all. Still if you fall into this category, this is important to figure out. Read on for some good advice.

The first place we are going to look at is Hawaii. They have managed to keep the disease away quite well. And Hawaii has a little something for everyone. There are some beautiful beaches, of course. You can find great golf. There are all kinds of great restaurants, no matter your taste. And you can plan a vacation as cheaply or as extravagantly as you’d like.

Or if you’re looking for something like Cancun, you might want to try Spain. This country has a lot of great nightlife. And of course, you will also find some great beaches and beautiful scenery. you might also want to try Portugal if you are looking for something a little more like Brazil.

Or if you like adventure, you might want to consider Alaska. Here you will find all kinds of wildlife and beautiful views. Please let me know if anything piques your interest.


Manners around the world


Hopefully now that I’m ready to work, things will go a little smoother. I’m kind of just having a Monday, but anyway…

As parents, you are probably at least trying to train your children to have decent manners. But manners are not the same in every country. Some of these may make you laugh.

  • Germans consider it rude to cut your potatoes at the dinner table. You will always want to to mash you potatoes.
  • In America it’s kind of a joke we have to “eat and run”. But in Spain, you do not want to do that. Take your time to relax, to enjoy the company of whoever you are eating with. And yes, this does apply throughout the week.
  • Britain considers eating asparagus with your hands to be the proper way. And as we know, Britain expects you to do everything properly. ┬áThis eating with your hands is especially true when you are dipping your asparagus in a sauce.
  • Mexicans do not want to see anyone using a fork to eat tacos. Please use your hands.

Maybe you’ll want to wait until your children are older and able to understand that different countries do things differently sometimes. I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

Mediterranean cruises #2

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I’m on and ready to work earlier today, which is always a good thing. I have switched the company I am working for, though I am still Family Trips Inc. When you’re a travel agent working from home, you usually have your own business but are under an umbrella company… I guess that’s the best way to describe it. Anyway, I have initial training to do, and a lot of things to do. So let’s get started.

Back to Mediterranean cruises… There is a French cruiseline called Ponant that is going to be exploring parts of Italy and Greece as well as some smaller countries. This is going to be a seven night cruise. You will have two elegant restaurants to choose from. There are some beautiful suites you can stay in.

Norwegian Cruise Lines, which may be the most reasonably cruise in this list, has a voyage which will explore parts of Italy, France and Spain. On this cruise you will have access to a bowling alley, an adults only beach club, and a comedy club.. Let me know if you are interested in either of these..

Mediterranean cruises #1

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I am coming back from spending kind of a surprise weekend with my favorite aunt and her kids. I had an absolute blast. But I am finding that I’m not as sad as I usually am coming home from time with the family.. I have a lot I need to do, and somehow I feel quite ready to tackle it.. I did have some personal stuff to catch up on. and so I am much later than I would like to be, but hopefully I am going to get back in a more normal routine.

Okay, so let’s talk about Mediterranean cruises. Summer is a great time to cruise Europe, but so is the fall. And it looks like the article I am reading is going to be talking about unusual cruises that are going to France, Spain, Italy, Greece and croatia.

Beginning this year, Windstar is taking two luxury ships to the coast of Spain. You will actually be setting out in Portugal for this eight day voyage. Most of the passengers will be staying in suites. People will be enjoying some downtime, and during that time you can relax at the spa or spend the day at the pool. Your journey will end in Barcelona.

Is sailing through Italy your dream? You might be interested to know that a company called Star Clippers does just that. You will also be exploring parts of Greece and Croatia on this cruise. This is an eleven night voyage… We are going to get back to this tomorrow. Let me know if you are interested in either of these.

Best cruises for days at sea

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We are on the road again. This trip kind of came up last minute.. But I do have internet, so I am going to get some things done.

Sometimes people go on cruises to go and see things. But sometimes people just want to go on cruises just to relax. And days at sea are relaxing. You can sunbathe by the pools there, play games in their gameroom, or take in shows. And of course there are always lots of choices of places to eat on any ships.

The first cruise we are going to look at is Royal Caribbean’s “Nowhere Cruise”. This is a three night cruise so it is not a huge investment of time or money. You will be sailing out of New York City.. Besides all the usual activities, you can go skydiving or attend trapeze school.

If you’ve ever wanted to go “across the pond”, as they say, Celebrity may have just the thing for you. Starting in April 2016, they will have a cruise that will take you eight days just to cross over. You will then be stopping in Spain, Portugal, and France.

I think we are going to look at more of these tomorrow, hopefully I can get internet somewhere. But do let me know if either of these sounds interesting to you.