More often overlooked destinations

There is a lot I would like to get done today. I would love to find a way to get some more clients. I am going to be looking into that later today.And please, let me know if you are interested in working with me on a trip, or know someone that is.  This idea I have to write article sis still something I want to pursue, but it’s turning into more of a project. I am going to figure this out. It’s a good thing I love what I do, because I am going to be busy… But first, let me make sure this gets done. Let’s get back to discussing some lesser known places.

  • First of all, you might want to try the Black Hills and Badlands in South Dakota. They have a lot of different museums you can explore. There are also casinos you might want to try. Oh, and while you are there, you might want to try all little place called Mount Rushmore. I hear this is a pretty fascinating place if you like old presidents.
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee is an absolutely beautiful place. It is not only a beautiful place in the mountains, it is home to Lookout Mountain where you can see parts of five states. Chattanooga also has the largest fresh water aquarium which is great for families.
  • Growing up, my family homeschooled, and Baltimore was somewhere we would live for a month or two a couple of times. Harper’s Ferry made a great homeschool field trip, because it had so much to do with the Civil War. And if your family is looking for some fun, they have rivers to swim in and places to hike. Do you want to try to go to San diego and Los Angeles? You might also want to try Catalina Island. You will be able to go ziplining, visit their historic casino, or tour the island by boat.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.

Getting kind of personal [about Gatlinburg]

It is Saturday, and trying to decide how much I am going to do, and how much is just going to wait until next week.

But anyway, Dad’s job moved us around every five years. And I remember going to Gatlinburg as a very young girl with my family and some dear friends. We were living in the mountains of North Carolina at the time. And this had to be before the time Gatlinburg was built up. I think I remember the big thing there was a water wheel. Yeah, that was many years ago.

I was about fourteen when actually moved to East Tennessee. We lived an hour\hour a half from the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area. I remember making day tris  to that area. Sometimes it was with families, other times my sister and I would make trips with friends.

And then, of course, this past year I went to Tennessee for a camp, a much needed spiritual retreat. That is still one of my favorite memories from this year. And I made sme really good friends there.

So my first thought is I’m grateful that I’m hearing from all of my friends, and everyone is perfectly safe, I don’t think anyone I know was close to the fires, which is a relief. Yes, of course we have been praying that the fires will be put out.

If you want to help the people in Gatlinburgarea, one big thing you can do is to go visit their area. A lot of their

More quick getaway ideas

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It’s Monday, and as usual I’m starting much later than I would have liked. I had a really nice weekend, and having many things I want to do, both with work and personally. I’m not sure what all I am going to do, but obviously this needs to be done. I must confess that I am feeling seriously distracted by all kinds of things. But let’s get started anyway.

The first place we are going to look at today is in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We used to live near there, and it is truly a gorgeous place to visit this time of year. It is a great time to go on a hike to look at the trees in all their fall splendor. But when you are tired of that, there is a great resort called Buckberry Creek Lodge. They have a spa where people will be happy to massage away any sore spots from your hikes. They also have a nice restaurant, and everyone knows how people can work up an appetite when they are outside a lot.

The article I’m reading says that Lake Placid, New York is a great place to visit in the fall. They have several great resorts here.. But we are going to go with High Peaks Resort. This place is close enough to the downtown area to get back and forth. And we all know that there is plenty to do downtown.. This resort has a spa, pool, and fitness center.. Let me know if you are interested in either of these.

Christmas in Gatlinburg #1



I must confess that I’m usually in a hurry to get this done. Sometimes, like today, I want to get on to other things. Other times, I’m tired and just want to get everything done.


My family is going to go to Tennessee to celebrate Christmas together this year. And I’ve been asked to kind of put together a list of fun things we might do together.. My parents have a house up there, and we’ve done Christmas there several years. A group of them goes skiing for a day. I know there is such a thing as wheelchair skiing, but that’s not my thing. I do not like the idea of falling at all. So that’s a day I usually stay at our place and read, watch movies and hang out with anyone that decides not to be part of the skiing expedition.


The Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area has a lot of shopping areas. They have everything from quaint little shops to the outlet malls. We’ve gone out to explore both. And honestly, what I enjoy most is being out and about with family, enjoying the fun and laughter of family times.


Ooh, Pigeon Forge has a light show for the holiday season. Our permanent home is near Callaway Gardens who also does a holiday light show, and we’ve gone to that before. So that is a possibility for one evening… I didn’t know this, but Gatlinburg has its own ball drop on New Year’s Eve. We ladies  have talked a little about going to New York, but that’s a dream that I’m not sure when will take place. The ball drop in Gatlinburg may be our alternative for this year.


I am going to look more into this tomorrow. Please let me know if you’re inspired to plan your family’s Christmas gathering in Tennessee.