Toronto Tourism wants kids to plan their trips

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There is nothing worse than having bored kids on a trip. They tend to whine and complain about everything. Sometimes it feels like nothing you do pleases them. If they’re really young, sorry, but I’m not sure what to tell you. But as they get older having them help plan your trip can help them get more excited about every aspect of your trip.

Toronto Tourism wants to help you streamline this process. They have created a new website that will help you get your kids excited about your trip together. . The site is

The website has all kinds of information about what is available in this city. d it’s not just boring reading. There are videos to watch. And your kids will also find jokes.

And speaking of finding things, the website has games you and your children can play together. These include some different scavenger hunts your family can do together. You are going to find many different fun and exciting things to explore on this site. Be sure to check it out as a family today.