As a home-based travel agent, I have a lot of different things I’m trying to accomplish. My number one goal these days is trying to get clients to work with. And that’s not just because I’d like to get some more money coming in, though I’d really like that. But as new as I am, I love getting the experience. I love figuring out different people’s travel wants and needs and finding a trip that they can get excited about.

My work day usually starts by checking in with my social media sites, and then going through my e-mail, answering the e-mails that needs to be answered. E-mail usually takes me about an hour, give or take. Today I needed to resuscribe someone to our travel newsletters. I also got busy on my Alaska cruise inquiry and finally found a couple of options for her. I e-mailed her about both of those. I’m looking forward to hearing back from her, to see if either one of those might work for their family, or both if I need to do more research.

I think my next big project is going to be joining some travel agent forums, hoping to get in touch with more people wanting to travel, and hopefully some of the people I’ll meet on these forums will want to use my services. I know, I know, most forums don’t want to be used as a means of advertisement. I’m hoping to figure out a way around that.

That’s kind of what I’ve done today. I’m really enjoying working as a travel agent, and hope to be doing this for a long time.


A normal day?

It is Thursday afternoon, I’m starting to get tired. For those that do not know, I work Monday through Friday or Saturday. I almost never work Sundays unless there is an emergency.. .. And I have a confession to make, I feel like Monday through Wednesday I’m on the ball, doing everything that needs to be done, but by Thursday I’m starting to drag. I’m making myself work, and some weeks I do better than others. I just find myself much more easily distracted [like I just got on Facebook and messed around]. I’m not sure what to do about that..

What is a normal day for me? I’m not really sure.. . Pretty much every morning I work through e-mail, answering whatever needs to be answered, looking through different links. I’m pretty active on LinkedIn, and usually write people on there. And then I do a lot of internet research, most of that is about starting a business. Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to get more clients to work with me, and that’s my focus.

However, I’ve just been looking at my host agency’s website, and there is so much training available to me that I’m not taking advantage of. And I know I should be doing more of that. Knowing how to make everything fit is hard to do. But I need to think through this some more. Hopefully I am going to figure out how to balance everything.

Why use a travel agent

Most everyone has internet access these days. If you don’t have it on your phone, you have it on your computer. And even if you don’t own a computer yourself, most anyone can go to their local library and access computers there. And if you have internet access, you can easily book travel for yourself. There are lots of sites allowing you to book any type of travel that they want. So why use a travel agent when you can do it yourself?

a.. First, everyone I know is extremely busy. Figuring out the trip you want to take to take time away from everything else you want to do
b.. Second, you might be surprised to know that travel agents work on commissions that come from the different suppliers {which means hotels, carrental places, cruise lines, etc}. Some travel agents do charge like a finders’ fee, but others do not. I don’t.
c.. Looking for travel is what we travel agents do from day to day. Keeping up with deals is part of of our job. We also have access to resources that the public doesn’t have . If you want to find the deal of the century, please come to us and let us help.
d.. Okay, so maybe you can plan a simple trip for yourself. But what if you want to take a second honeymoon, or plan a special trip for you and your friends as a celebration. You’ll want something like that to be perfect, right? Travel agents know how to make that special occasion perfect. Try us and you’ll see for yourself.
why to use a travel agent