Tips for in the air

I think that for most people, flying is kind of just a means to an end. You’re packed in with a lot of peoples you don’t know. Finding movies you’ll like is questionable. There is no telling what kind of food you will get, if you get any. And this is especially true when you’re flying in the economy class. Today let’s look at some tips that might help.

  • First, bring your own soundproof earphones. You have no idea what the people you will be sitting with will be doing. It is usually best to keep to yourself and not bother anyone.. Unless they want to talk.
  • Do not wait until the very last minute to figure out where you are sitting. The article I’m reading says to pay the fee so you can actually choose your seat. But on long flights, I think you get to choose your seats even without paying.
  • Booking your flights early will help ensure that you get a better seat. And if you’re doing your check-in online, try to do that pretty early as well.
  • You will want to wear your most comfortable clothes on the flight. I’ve seen a lot of people wear things that almost look like pajamas while in the air.
  • If you fly often, you might want to consider flying with one airline and join their Frequent Flyer program. They will give you all kinds of perks.

I would love to know your thoughts or any questions you might have.

Tips for multi generational travel, part #2

Sometimes I have a day I hardly know what to do with myself as far as work goes, but I usually figure something out. Other days, I have more ideas than I know what to do with. Today is one of the latter, which is actually the kind I prefer. I have gotten an AIM account, hoping that will allow me to communicate better with clients. My username is Travelingsarah59, and I would love to chat. I’m trying to get that up on all my social media sites and all that and kind of thinking of all kinds of other things I could do, so anyway. Let me get this written so I can get back into all that.

Back to multi generational travel. Especially if this is your first time to do anything like this, you’d want to make this no more than ten days. But again, you know your family best, and you should have a pretty good idea of what length of time everyone can stand being together. And of course, people may not be able to take more than a week off of work, so you will need to consider that as well.

Another big thing you will want to be sure to discuss is how this vacation is going to be paid for. Is one person paying for the whole thing, or is everyone going to pay their share? You are also going to want to discuss things like how you are going to want to eat. Is everyone going to go to restaurants for every meal, or are you going to do some cooking? Who is going to pay for the activities you do? Deciding this stuff beforehand will lessen the tension on your actual vacation.

And if you are having trouble making some of these decisions of where to go and what you want to do, please let me know. I can help do your research and planning and booking. [Booking trips is how I make my money.] Please let me know if you want help. 

Tips for multi generational travel, part #1

My hope is to do a much better job with this today than I did yesterday… Today let’s look at multi generational travel, and what it is. This is another topic I’m seeing a lot of discussion about among travel agents. This type travel is when you have grandparents, parents and children going to enjoy a vacation together. My family tries to all gather at least twice a year. That means my parents, all eight of us children, and my nieces and nephews, and sometimes include my grandparents as well. We usually meet at one of our homes, or my parents have a couple of houses besides the one we live in. Having everyone together is my favorite vacation type we take, yes, it can get loud, but we truly enjoy being together. When we were younger, sometimes we’d rent a condo at the beach, and we’d gather with my cousins. I would love to do something like that again, but it’s hard to gather everyone together like that.

Maybe your family is considering doing something like that in the not-too-distant future. But how will you plan a trip like this? That’s where I come in. I can do the research and book everything you need. You will need to decide where you want to go and what you want to do. Please get everyone’s input on this. Getting input from everyone in the family will ensure that no one person does all the work. It will also get everyone more excited about this trip.

Another thing you will have to decide is what kind of accommodations do you want? Do you want to get something where you will have a separate bedroom for everyone but common living and dining rooms where everyone can mingle. Or would you rather get several hotel rooms where you will not have to worry about any cleaning on your trip? Again, this will be something you will want to discuss among your family. The more you discuss with your family beforehand, the smoother your trip should go.

The point of this trip might be to spend time together, but everyone is not going to want to do every single thing together. Sometimes my family splits up, and us girls go shopping and the boys go shooting. You’ll want to try to plan a couple of these type outings.

I think I am going to stop for today and write more on this tomorrow. In the meantime, please let me know if you are trying to plan something like this and want help.