Virgin Island beaches

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I’m not sure what is going on. I’m really excited about some different things with the business, have some different ideas I want to pursue. But as fast as my mind would like to go, my body is moving slowly… First, I’m trying to collect as many e-mail addresses as I can to receive E Newsletters about travel. Please let me know if you are interested.. Second, for those who are in the Columbus, Georgia area, I am going to be looking into the idea of starting a travel club. I am going to need to do a lot more investigating into all this… But first, to get my regular things done.

The Virgin Islands have many beautiful beach across their different islands. Today let’s look at a couple.. First, let’s look at tCinnamon Bay Beach, which is one of St John’s longest beaches. ┬áThose that are into water sports can enjoy a wide variety of activities. Those that are not into playing on the beach all day can explore a museum which house different archaelogical findings.

We are going to look at another beach on St John, and that is Trunk Bay Beach. This beach is especially known for its beauty, with a lot of coconut palms. There is a self guided snorkel tour you and your family can enjoy. And there is a snackbar and grill. And they have public restrooms you can enjoy.

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More family friendly spring break vacations

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It is Thursday , and I’m having one of those tired days. But there is work to be done, especially since I’m not sure what this weekend holds.

If you’re willing and able to spend some money, you might consider visiting the Virgin Islands. This is one more vacation that will not require a passport. And who wouldn’t want to be in tropical weather after the winter we’ve had? If this is the first time you will be visiting the Virgin Islands, you will want to concentrate on the three main islands, which are Saint Croix, Saint Thomas, and Saint John. You will want to visit the national park that is on Saint John. There are a lot of great places to hike and camp at this park. Your family may also want to visit Magens Bay which is a beautiful beach that is also near some beautiful mountains.

But if you are looking for something a little closer to home, there is this chain of large indoor water parks called Great Wolf Lodges which has locations across the country. For families looking to just relax and have fun together, this is the perfect getaway, especially if you’re itching for some summer fun.. Let me know if you are interested in either of these. I’ll be more than happy to help you plan your trips.

Coming to the Virgin Islands…

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It is the day before we leave for Thanksgiving vacation, and I’m really not sure whether I’ll do this tomorrow. It just depends on when we leave. But anyway, let’s get down to business.

I’ve had a time trying to decide what to write about today. But I think I’ve found what I’m looking for finally. Let’s look at some new properties coming to the Virgin Islands. They have plans to build on an little island that is off St.Thomas Islands. If everything goes as planned, St. Thomas will have its first new resort in over two decades. And this is going to be an upscale resort.This will provide the area some new permanent jobs as well as expand tourism.

Know what? I think we are going to turn this into a variety post… Let’s turn our attention to a little known place in California. The area of Greater Palm Springs has great dining options, great weather, and a very relaxing atmosphere. For example, The city of Desert Hot Springs of course has hot springs, but it has cold springs as well. Travelers has been visiting the area since the springs were discovered. And the water is not just great to bathe in, it’s also great to drink.

I am going to go on and publish this. Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions.