Building a tourist town?

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It is Monday. I had an incredible weekend, getting to hang out a couple different times. But I’m not disappointed to be back to work because I do enjoy my job.

Anyway, the story that looked most interesting in the travel news is about a town that has decided to undergo major renovations in order to become a tourist town. It is located in the Cabos area. They are going to add a new boutique hotel, several residences [which I think will be like condos], They are hoping to attract a variety of travelers, including wellness travelers and those interested in the arts.

This is the project of a Colorado real estate investment firm which hopes to start attracting guests in March of this coming year. People will be more than welcome to stay in condos whose owners are away and willing to rent their places out. The hotel which is only going to have twelve rooms in the beginning is expected to open the following year.

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