Tropical vacations with kids #2

Are you dreaming of a tropical vacation? We are going to continue our discussion of good tropical places to take kids..

  • And the first place we are going to look at today is Anguilla. Okay, so this island may be harder to get to than most of its Caribbean counterparts. But if you are looking for an upscale island that has lots of gorgeous beaches, this is your place. And even though this is kind of a hoity toity place, many of their resorts roll out the red carpet for kids.
  • In fact, many places on Anguilla are trying their best to cater to families. Starfish Jolly Beach Resort, don’t you just love that name, is becoming well known for its family friendly atmosphere.
  • Do you want a resort where you can go and hang out there your entire vacation? You might want to try the Grand Bahia Principe which is in Jamaica. They have several great pools. They also have a water park on the resort itself. They have a kids’ club and a great spa as well.