More tips for cruising with teens

Teens, you might enjoy their company, you might not. And that might depend on the day than the teen themselves. But once your you are a parent, you need to figure out ways to live with them, in the good times and in the not so good. Yesterday we started discussing how good a vacation is for a teenager, today let’s continue that discussion.

  • It’s after dinner, and you might want to go kick back in you room. But is that what your teen wants to do?  Probably not. They like staying up late and waking up late. Cruises have shows that they can get into. You might want to go to the shows with them, sadly I hear that most of the shows are for mature audiences. The expectation to this would be Disney Cruises. Or you might want to send them to the pool for late night swimming while you enjoy some quiet in your room.
  • A lot of cruises that are geared towards families are going to have teen clubs. clubs are well supervised by adults that have been thoroughly checked out.. To keep everyone safe, they do not allow are other adults in these clubs. And besides, teens rarely want to party with their own parents. But you know your teen better than anyone. Yes, a lot of these clubs are split between the younger and older teens Will that work for your teens? I know some older teens prefer to be with younger kids and vise versa
  • Teens may does be wonderful, but they often do not make the best roommates. Consider getting them their own room. They will. You will thank yourself. Worried about what they could do while not being supervised? Get an extra key and promise to do random checks.

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