Where can you go

Where can you go these days? That’s a big question with everything that is going on right now. What opened? What isn’t? Where can you do things. Let’s look at that today.

One place you might want to look at is Antigua and Barbuda. They opened the first of June you need to take a test and prove that you aren’t sick, and then you can play. You do have to wear masks when you go out into public.

You may also want to try Aruba. They have opened as of July. You have to take online tests three days before your trip. If you pass, you can enter. Belize has just opened its borders. Again you have to take a test and pass three days before. You will have to download their health app. Your temperature will be taken at the airport. You will also need to wear a mask.

You might also want to check out Bermuda. You have to prove that you are not sick. Travelers will be tested at the airport you will have to quarantine somewhere six to eight hours.

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