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Fiverr is back up. And it looks like they did change some things around, so maybe that was what was going on yesterday.

We are going to look at some more resorts.

  • Do you and your family just want to do something different? You might want to try the Resort at Paws Up, and it’s in Montana.. It’s a working cattle ranch.. You are going able to stay in private homes. They will have horseback riding, dogsledding, and all kinds of family fun.
  • Do you want to make some day trips to The Big Apple? You might want to check out Mohonk Mountain House. Here you are going to be about ninety minutes outside the city. It is known for its farm to table dining. They have an excellent spa. And they have a lot of different things that you are going to be able to do.

2 thoughts on “More resorts

  1. Hi Sarah,

    it looks like two links run into one.

    [The reader would have to select ONE of the links to go in].

    The Montana resort with dog-sledding and working cattle is so cool.

    Ninety minutes outside of the City brings us into New York State.

    Spas are excellent for all the family to relax, I agree.

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