Travel insurance, part #2

My business is slowly picking up, meaning I’m talking to a couple of different people about trips, and I’m excited about it. Yes, I’m still working on marketing, and I do consider this blog and my new venture into forums to be part of that. I have a whole lot to learn about forums, and I am going to be working on that as I can. But it is nice to have more people asking about actual trips that they might want to take.

Okay, let’s get back into travel insurance. One thing you’ll want to remember about travel insurance is that if you get the highest coverage, you are going to get 100% of the money you paid for your trip back. Maybe there is a problem with the weather, something we’re all familiar with as of late, if you were to get the highest level of insure you could cancel your trip within an hour and get a complete refund. With the lower grade travel insurance plans, you would have to be cancelled for a full 24 hours before getting your complete refund. Or say you have everything planned, but then something comes up with your job, and you can not get away, if you have the gold plan you’re covered and get your money back. Another reason your trip might get cancelled, but you would be covered, would be if something happened to the cruise ship you were going on. The cruise would refund the actual cruise money, but if you booked air or were doing a pre or post trip, that would be covered under gold.

Or say something happened while you were on your vacation, and you had no choice but to return, you may get 100% of your trip money on the other plans. But you would get 150% back on the gold plan. Why, you may ask. You are going to need to make last minute travel plans which always costs more.

Or say you have something happen while you are on vacation. For example, maybe you get sick during your trip and have to miss something important or have to stay longer than you planned, the gold insurance is going to cover everything after only five hours.

I think I’m going to stop for today.. Has anyone had to use travel insurance and would like to tell me about it?

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