Perfect places to go on a whim


It’s Saturday, and has kind of turned out differently than I’d thought. Thought I would have more time to work. But anyway, I am going to get some things done now.

rHave you ever had a weekend where you had nothing planned and decided Friday afternoon to just get away that weekend. Maybe it’s you and your spouse, or maybe it’s you and a couple of good friends. Either way, you decide to leave everything and go play for the weekend.. The first place we are going to discuss today is called Madeline Hotels and Residences, and is locate in Telluride, Colorado. Yes, it is a great place to go skiing. However, this hotel sounds beautiful incredible whenever you have a chance to go. You can get fireplaces in your room. There are breathtaking mountain views. You will have a large soaking tub, and you can even get what is called a bath barista who will prepare a bath just the way you like it. And another interesting thing is that the town’s only Starbucks is located inside this hotel.

I think we are going to look at this more on Monday. Let me know your thoughts.

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