Best cruises for families #1

Cruise are kind of the ultimate family vacation. Choose your cruise right, and you are going to be able to pay for everything you will want or need on the cruise, taking away the temptation for you and your spouse to fight over money on your trip. Most cruises are going to have great kids’ clubs that your children will enjoy going to. You will find a lot of great restaurants, a lot of which will charge you nothing extra. Do you want to do a multi generation trip? Cruises are great for that too because they have so many different things you can do. Let’s talk about some cruises that are great for families.

  • Everyone knows about Disney World and Disneyland, but did you know that Disney does cruises too? As you might expect with Disney, their cruises are extremely family friendly. Something I’ve heard, and always seem to remember, is that the shows on Disney cruises are a lot more family friendly than other cruises. They also have a great kids’ club that your children will love. And that means that you and your husband can just relax and enjoy each other.
  • Families usually like Carnival because they have so many different activities. Their ships also have some amazing food for you to enjoy. Adults also find some great entertainment in the evening. Children are going to love the kids’ clubs that they have. And the ships also have a lot of sports families can enjoy together.

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