Where should you go on vacation?


I have several things I want to do today. Looking for writing jobs is just going to take a while. There are a lot of sites I might be able to work for, but going through everything, writing the people I’m interested in working with, hearing back from them.. I think this is going to be a real process. I also just have some business decisions I need to make.. Anyway, first to get through the things I have to do each day.

And speaking of decisions, sometimes deciding where to go on vacation can be a real chore. I mean, sometimes it’s obvious where you want to go. You want to gather with your family, or maybe you’re just wanting to see a friend you haven’t seen in a while. But what do you do when you’re going on a vacation by yourself , or maybe you’re taking a couple of friends, but it’s your birthday and they want you to pick where you want to go. I mean, there is literally a whole world to explore. Where should you start?

  • First, a lot of people have created a bucket list of places that they want to go in their lifetime. Do you have one of those? maybe it’s time to sit down, do some research, and figure that out.
  • Of course, there is usually a time limit on vacations, and that’s always a factor to consider as well. Unless you’re pretty unusual, you don’t want to use up most your time getting to your Time traveling.
  • If you are still having trouble making up your mind where you want to go, please get in touch with me. I can ask you questions and make suggestions that will help make your decision easier. My e-mail is sarah@familytripsinc1.com.

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