Where to go #1

Where do you plan to go once we are free to go anywhere we want? Today we are going to look at some ideas for you.

  • And the first one we are going to look at is Cape Lookout National Park.. If your family loves the beach and horses, you will want to check this place out. This place is also known for being somewhere you can get great shells. You will only be able to get here by boat.
  • Or does your family love watching the antics of dolphins? You will want to go to Bluffton, South Carolina and go to Montego Palmetto Bluff. This is also a a great place to go kayaking. You might even get a up close and personal visit with a dolphin.
  • We were looking at this beautiful part of the country on this blog sometime last week, but Gatlinburg and that area is beautiful any time you
  • go. You will find a lot of places to hike or go tubing. It is also a great place to camp. Or maybe you want to go somewhere far away and live the jungle life. You will want to go to Costa Rica. They have a lot of great resorts that you can enjoy.

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